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Pretty Windows

Each year for the past ten nearly, our city has picked a cold dark night in February to get enlightened! We tried to do our little bit, along with some amazing artists and makers all across the town. The streets were full of puppets, glowing sculpture and interactive illumination. Our new studio windows proved a perfect canvas for some spontaneous shadow play… Ideas are sparking for next time…



It was this time last year that we first stepped out to show and tell at the Martinmas Fair in Lenton, and we were back again yesterday, somewhere in the middle ages…

Under the shelter of our hovel and the autunm mists we whittled and warbled on about medieval woodworking, making spoons & bowls with axe and knife, turning on the lathe, decorative carving and and the rest. As usual we didn’t get a chance to wander and see anything else, but from our little pitch we could enjoy the spectacular bird display, the twang of sinew and the drone of the huirdy gurdy drifting over the green kept us jigging and the delicious Small Food Bakery filled our bellies up!

There were so many friendly folk, a pleasure to meet, share and talk, dedicated young apprentices too, helping with the splitting and turning… Hope to be back next year.