Whatever else is happening out in the world, we hope that the workshop can continue to be a place where people feel safe to gather, share and create: a space for personal autonomy, care and responsibility in community, joy and kindness in service to all.


Please do not visit the workshop or attend a class if you or anyone in your household are showing any symptoms of COVID-19. We reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you to leave if we feel you are not well enough to be here.   

Face coverings

Visitors may wear a face covering or mask inside the space. We will recommend that you please use your own discretion if involved in a workshop or other strenuous activity that would make breathing with a mask uncomfortable.

You can find government guidance on here.

In line with Government Guidelines masks and face coverings do not need to be worn by those aged 11 and under or by anyone who is exempt.

Reduced capacities   

We are currently able to welcome less people into the space at any one time. Depending on various factors, sessions are limited to a maximum of 8 people, socially distanced. Previously ‘drop-in’ sessions are now bookable to maintain safe numbers. 1 to 1 teaching is preferred. 

Rule of 6 and household mixing

Customers must adhere to the latest Government rules regarding the Rule of 6 and Household Mixing. These may vary between areas and depending on the tier we are operating under.       

Hand washing and sanitising

We ask that you use the sanitiser provided on entry to the workshop, and just try to keep yourself clean while you’re here! We have soap and water in the kitchen and toilet, and bottles of sanitiser stationed around the space.

Social Distancing

Wherever practical please maintain at least 1m from anyone outside of your household/bubble/bathysphere at all times whilst in the workshop and try to follow all current government guidelines on social distancing.


The workshop is cleaned after each work day focusing on high contact areas (tool switches and handles, door handles, toilet, kitchen, benches). We also employ professional cleaners every 2 weeks to thoroughly clean the space.

If you are using communal tools or equipment in the space please consider taking personal responsibility, keeping your tools clean and tidying up after yourself.

Track and Trace

In the event of a confirmed case in the workshop we will be asked to share customer data of who attended in the period the confirmed case was here.

Everyone entering the building for a workshop or class should sign in, either with the QR code displayed in the entrance, or by leaving contact details (generally we will already have your details if you booked with us which will simplify things). To comply with regulations we ust keep this data for 21 days.


Wherever possible doors will be left ajar to allow fresh air the enter, there will always be a window open to facilitate good air circulation.

Tool use

Most free standing equipment and tools in the workshop are moveable. We can arrange the space to suit socially appropriate distances depending on who is using the studio. 

You are welcome to use and be responsible for your own tools, and we will encourage you to put together your own set. If you are using the common tools please be respectful of them, and those people who will use them after you. Keep your hands clean.

We Make Our Way