Making a way through joy and grief, sadness and Love: Art is a balm for any wound, this is how we live.

You might call us Professional Entheusers.
We believe that everyday creativity is a healing gift, a way of changing what seems unchangeable, getting stuck things moving again… Where do you find art? Art is in the dirt, the gallery (only sometimes), the garden (always), the laboratory, the kitchen, the sky, the morning, noon & dead of night! It’s in us all, our dancing feet, our bones, thoughts, hairs, guts, dreams…

…And in our hands, of course. From the the beginning, for the whole of your life.

Sometimes we forget these things, together we’ll remember better!

We offer space for people of all ages and abilities, we work with schools, communities & therapeutic projects. Please get in touch, support the work, join in.

We Make Our Way