By making a regular financial contribution you will to help build a community of care around this place, and to become part of the circle of friends who share in the magic of it all.
It might be that you can afford a pound or three, maybe £5 or £10 a month – whatever feels right for you, means a lot to us…

Many hands make light work

The more generous support we can receive in this way, towards meeting the basic costs of building, maintaining and sustaining the studio, the more energy we can freely devote to fully opening up this creative space to everyone.

When you become a friend you truly help us to keep going, and you will:

• Enable us to offer subsidised and free workshop places, for those who are less able to afford time here, allowing a totally open door for anyone…

• Support a radical alternative to centralised, prescriptive or bureaucratic public funding enabling us to take chances and say “Wow! Yes!” to performances, exhibitions and ideas from anyone, without a financial imperative.

• Help to model a microcosmic, scaleable & distributed system of self-reliance & resilience in community! (Say that twice, as fast as you can without spitting on your screen) A person to person gift economy.

• Allow us to lower our prices rather than raise them, and move toward a ‘Pay-What-You-Wish’ approach.

Grow the lending libraries with books and tools to share.

Make imagined things real and unimagined things possible: Residency opportunities for artists (or anybody)? Creative micro-business co-op? Off grid energy system? Community Compost in the middle of the city? Sculptural skateable street furniture made of soild trees? Pop-up communal feasts? Puppet theatre? Expanding the edible doorstep forest? Repair cafe… Actual cafe?

Become a part of the place, bring your ideas, help out, volunteer, new dreamers and doers welcome: the only future for this place is in community.

Get a 16.18% discount on all bookings, purchases and access the workshop for self directed Making Time.

Your support makes all the difference in continuing to create and hold an inspirational space that anyone might call in to anytime, to talk things over, make in, sit by the fire, share tea, slow down, wonder.

What you get for your gift is only what’s already here, and what might grow in the future… But we’re not asking for you to give because you get something in particular – an object, some merch – we’re asking you to give just because you get it! You understand the idea: That big things can grow from small seeds, if they’re nurtured. You’re giving the workshop a future, being part of that future – No strings attached, just gratitude!

Please note that By Our Hands We Make Our Way is not a registered charity, or legally incorporated in any way other than as a Sole Trader: This is a family owned business operated with the aim of supporting ourselves and our community, by making art and space and friends. Other people or organisations using and working in the space are organised in their own ways and are responsible only for themselves.

We are commited to using a proportion of any surplus income or donations received – to support creative, regenerative, radical individuals, projects or communities, locally and globally.

Additional disclaimer: We know that human beings change, that the world grows and evolves, disintegrates sometimes and always makes new shapes – there is no guarantee that in 10 years time (or tomorrow) this place, ourselves, you or anything else will be the same – we reserve the right to spontaneously transform into something else, (and so should you if you want to) and accept that you may or may not want to support that in the future. Please feel free to change your mind and follow the tug of your gut.

We Make Our Way