carving place

Around a scratched and gouged workbench a group of Syrian men (and one notable Iraqi) came together to share skills, songs, stories, and to make a woodcarving.

For some, this was a chance to reconnect with old tools that they knew so well from home, to share their exquisite talent & joy in making. Others, just learning the craft, expressed something powerful without having to speak a word. Textures etched in wood grain, our common language.

Although we didn’t know it when we began, this sculpture grew at each mallet blow, chip by chip, evolving until the end into a symbol of home, of places left behind, & what is important to carry with you and remember.

Contained in the beautiful, ornate frame, like a mirror this artwork reflects history, and hope for the future.

5 thoughts on “carving place”

  1. What an inspiring concept … that must have been a great time together … if you ever need someone to make the tea for a session like this, don’t hesitate to ask!!

  2. I have just started whittling and never thought I would get so much joy from it and am very keen to learn more. It would be great if there was a carving place I could go and learn from the master’s.
    Lots of benefits on many levels.

    1. So glad to hear that you are finding such pleasure in this beautiful, simple art! If you are in Nottingham please come and find us at the workshop (though we can’t claim to be masters of anything)…

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