Still Open Hearted

But closed to the public.

We trust that if you are reading this you are safe and well.

Opening and closing, hopefully more like a petal than a portcullis! In, and out, like breathing. Up and down, left and right – two hands trying to juggle axes, coming together to pray for some healing, reaching wide for a crazy air-hug.

The physical doors to the workshop are closed for now, but maybe there’s a a window or two still open.

We feel so fortunate to have had your support over the past couple of years, and still hope to grow with you in future. For now we’re focussing on things close at hand, on art, on feelings, alternately confused, removed, elated and grateful. We’re cleaning up, sweeping the floor (never ends), struggling, giggling, building boats, drawing and painting, playing in the sawdust and the garden. Not so different, but things are changing.

We still have something to give

Making anything right now is a radical act in defiance of fear: making something however simple seeming – baking bread, making the bed; making art or a garden; a stiff drink or your mind up. It’s time to get creative and figure out how to keep our fingers busy, hearts full and souls satisfied. Time to roll sleeves up and get those hands dirty (as long as you wash ’em before and afterwards!)

Finding ways to continue connections and sustain friendship feels so important, we’re glad that you’re a part of our community. Whatever comes next we have to make it together.
Even if we can’t be with you here there are things that we’d like to share.

  • There are tools at the workshop waiting for hands to use them. We’ll be glad to see shavehorses, benchhooks, chopping blocks, mallets and whittling tools loaned out to good homes, keeping folk crafting.
  • We were so lucky to recieve a lot of wood before the doors closed, we’d love to see it go out to people who can use it. Let us know if you’d like a delivery of fresh green cherry, birch, whitebeam or oak.
  • There are books in the library that could keep you busy learning something new over the next weeks and months.
  • We’re working online too, hosting a shared space to chip away at whatever you feel like. Making a place to talk, weep, dance, laugh while we carve something beautiful together.
    Fridays are a good time to try, if someone is in the studio then you are virtually welcome to sit and have a cuppa, what’s on your mind?
    Meeting ID: 929 853 8766 Password: RedThumb

The monthly Spoon Moot carving sessions will be going weekly from now on, every Friday from 6-8pm, partnering with the kind folk at Rise Up And Carve. Just install the Zoom app on whatever device you choose (or log in via the web) and follow the link below to join in. There’s an amazing community of carvers from all over the world, and the meeting room is always open, even when we’re not there.  Meeting ID: 529 157 0928 Password: 671121

Look after yourselves and those you are with, just take care. Assuming we’re still here when the world rights itself (we intend to be, but we’re making peace with all possibilities!) then welcome back whenever!

Keep well, stay in touch, with love, Martin Carly and family.

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