Everyday Creativity

All opportunities below include use of the library, tools, wood and sundriues*, facilities and refreshments. 10% discount at local cafe & wi-fi. Prices also help cover the general upkeep of the space, tool maintenance, loss or damage.

The number of people in the workshop will be limited at any one time, to support the best experience for everyone. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and confident visiting here.

Housekeeping and first aid protocol will be covered during your first session. Whether you are unfamiliar with particular tools you plan to use, or are confident with certain tools but have never used them here before, then you will be inducted in proper use as part of your initial session time.

Friends and supporters of the workshop get 16.18% off the price of any booking.

*please note certain materials for personal projects may incur extra cost (e.g. expensive fixings, fancy wood, paper, paint or finishes).

Helping Hand

Personal teaching, guidance and conversation while the workshop is open

This is for you if… You’d enjoy company, knowledgeable support and a bit of hustle and bustle while learning new skills, creating your own projects and developing the confidence to take things further.

£40 first hour £20 subsequent hours (e.g 3hrs=£80, 6hrs=£140)
Click to book and find out more.

One to One

Private tuition and mentoring session, while the workshop is closed. You’ll have our undivided attention!

This is for you if… You’d prefer to carve out a peaceful space, to work in the studio while our doors are closed, learning and making with no distractions.

£50 first hour £25 subsequent hours (e.g 3hrs=£100, 6hrs=£175)
Click to book and find out more.

Making Time

Book a bench for your own projects: Self directed learning and exploration in the workshop.

This is for you if… You know your way around the workshop, have some notion of what you’re doing and ideas for things you’d like to make, but perhaps not the space or tools or time to do it anywhere else.

£30 initial 1 hour induction
£10 per hour per person for ever afterclick to book and find out more.

Electric connection

Share time, create together wherever we all may be.

This is for you if… you’d like to connect and feel supported from the comfort of your own home/bed/garden shed. It’s a window into our world from your world.

£25 per hour per personclick to book and find out more.

Making Days

Join an intimate and friendly cohort of creatives to craft something unique.

This is for you if… You’d like to complete a set project from start to finish and go home tired (possibly blistered) but blissful.We have an ongoing program of introductory, whole day and longer workshops. New dates and different experiences are added throughout the year.

£75 per person full day, £45 per person half day introductions (4-12 participants per class)

Group bookings

Bring along your friends, your family, take over the space & build something beautiful together.

This is for you if… there’s something to celebrate, or you have a project in mind where 2, 3, 4, or more heads would be better than one. Maybe you just want to share some creative joy with people you love. Be in touch and we can work out a plan.

Up to 4 people – Fixed price half day/3hrs £190 – full day/6hrs £380 (addtional participants £40 per person) – Book here

If you don’t want exclusive access to the space, then for 2 people it’s cheaper to book a couple of Helping Hand sessions.

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