Our passion is to connect people of all ages with their everyday creativity. Your help is all we need.

We’re really grateful that you’re interested enough to learn a little more about how you can be a friend to this place. We’re reaching out to the people who already know & use & love this place: You!

A monthly donation; as much or as little as you feel able to give, will model a system of communal self-reliance. We’re asking for your support, because we believe that the more financial help we can receive from the generous community around us, the more time we’ll be empowered to give, the more accessible we can make our work & sustain it.

Your contribution may 

  • Enable subsidised places on our workshops for those who are less able to afford time here.
  • Allow therapeutic sessions at fair prices for those who need support.
  • Put simply, make all the difference, in continuing to create & hold an inspirational space that anyone might call in to, to talk things over, sit by the fire, share tea, slow down & make their way.
  • Make unimaginable things possible (that we haven’t dreamed up yet).

What you’ll give

It feels like this place wants to grow, to go… Boom! & bloom into something even more beautiful… By making a regular donation you’ll help make this happen! We’d love to open up the space more for everyone to do their own thing, to keep learning & playing into the evenings, to invite music, dance, performance , poetry & exhibitions in. We’d like to feel free to try new approaches & take a few more chances.

You may be familiar with some of our workshops & public projects, but the greater part of what we do is invisible (& often necessarily more private too) – spending time with communities who feel excluded, marginalised or vulnerable, whether for physical or mental health, age, ethnicity, gender, disability or any other reason: People who have experienced war, people without homes, refugees, looked-after children, those who are bereaved or… 

Most often this work is what happens invisibly inside ourselves & the folk that spend time here. It could look like sitting & listening, painting & drawing feelings out onto paper. It might look like re-learning skills & carving wood (it often looks this way), or holding hands, making coffee, planting a garden, sitting under a tree weaving a story, stumbling along in the song & dance that animates the world. It’s all sorts, and a bit more…

What you’ll get

If you’re someone who likes what we do & you feel moved to make a contribution, please know that every donation, however seemingly small, will directly support exciting projects & opportunities for everyone. You’ll be keeping the space alive & growing in whatever new directions it will.

We’re trying to build a community of care around this place, a circle of friends who’d like to share this space with us and who might help to shape it in surprising ways.

At this time the most special privilege that we can offer to you is our deep, heartfelt gratitude, knowing that this would truly be impossible without you. We’d love to host an annual party at the workshop for our monthly supporters & as time goes by we hope to offer other more tangible rewards. For now, we hope that the sense of supporting this space is enough – to us it feels like everything!

Thank you, thank you

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