Thank you for helping us out. We’re grateful for your just being curious, interested enough to learn a little more about what we’re up to.

Our passion is to connect people with their everyday creativity: Sometimes that looks like listening, or painting, drawing it out in lines on paper. Other times it looks like carving wood, holding hands, making coffee, planting a garden, sitting under a tree weaving a story, stumbling along in the song & dance that animates the world.
Some of our work is obvious, the greater part is invisible,  happening inside the folk that happen to spend time here, often apparent only long after they leave.

Some of our work we are so glad to share, some is necesarily more private: Spending time with excluded or vulnerable communities, people who have experienced war, people without homes, refugeess, looked after children, those bereaved…
We seek funding opportunities when we have time & they feel aligned with our way of working and our ethics. We try to ask a fair price for our services, and take commissions to ensure the work continues. Building an inspirational space, keeping it up and running, is a vocation, a way of life, rather than a lucrative living! And we’re happy with that.

If you’re someone who likes what we do and feels moved to make a contribution, every donation, however seemingly small, will directly support exciting projects, new opportunities, help to keep this place alive and growing in whatever new directions it will. Thank you!

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